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How do you apperceive I don't go to ele often? Seems affectionate of a confused assumption. Not to acknowledgment this absolute altercation is breach from the absolute focus, Cheap RuneScape gold and that's that the anarchy basal fulfills it's purpose in its high-risk PvM/PvP nature.


It shouldn't be afflicted just because you anticipate it's annoying or doesn't reside up to one of your standards.


Also, assorted humans accept accustomed you accepted and absolute affidavit as to why this shouldn't and will not happen. Even if that may be abashing account to you, you just accept to let it go.


If you were some1 that frequently comes at ele you would accept bumped into me. And yes its not the absolute focus of the cilia but i accept acclimated that advice to admonish you that its about asleep content.


I dont anticipate it should be afflicted because i acquisition it annoying i anticipate it should be afflicted because its old, has annihilation to do with accomplishment or EOC and its not an atraction for new players.


This bold isnt wat it acclimated to be and even if you dont like to accept it, its already crashing.


The change of some things in this bold isnt alone for the absolute comunity but aswell for the abeyant new players.

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New marvellous machine comes in Treasure Hunter from 2nd June at 00:00 UTC to 6th June at 23:59 UTC! During this period, you will have a chance to get a bonus prize as well as the unique cape, crown and necklace cosmetics from the Gemerator. Bear in mind that you should have the Keys to open chests before you get these appealing rewards. If you are lack of Keys, it’s wise to come to RSorder - the best RuneScape gold site 2016. You canbuy cheap RS 3 gold on our site as well as enjoy fast delivery and best service.

How to get the bonus prize and gem cosmetics from Gemerator?

1. Open the chest in Treasure Hunter as usual, and then find the color of gems, which will be locked into the slots of the Gemerator.
2. After you have filled five slots with the colored gems, the Gemerator will blend together all the gems to produce a bonus prize in the final sixth slot.
3. Notice that the rarity of this prize will be based on the average color of the all the gems in the slots. If you would like to use your Hearts of Ice to lock certain colored gems in the Gemerator, you can choose us as the safest RS 3 gold siteto help you gain more Hearts of Ice.
4. Get the special gem-encrusted cape, crown and necklace from the Gemerator’s slot.

Guide to get the rewards of Gemerator fast:

1. If you open Treasure Hunter ingame and click on "coming soon", it says that the crown/necklace/cape can be won from a red or purple prize in the Gemerator.
2. You should spend either money or gp on Keys. You can learn how to earn more Keys  on RSbuynow. When you are in need of cheap RuneScape 3 gold for help, don’t hesitate to buy your desired gold from us. 
3. You should save up your daily challenge.

Some comments on Gemerator in Treasure Hunter:

“This looks like a pretty interesting mechanism and unique items”, concluded by a player. In fact, it is really cool to show off your gem-encrusted cape, crown and necklace to other players. This is actually a pretty good promo. It's not like you get all kinds of huge advancements in game from it, just another outfit.
However, there is some confusion about this update. We just list the following ones:Will the tokens for the rewards of Gemetator be tradable? Does the cape need 5 purples? How can you know if you get the gem accessories? What kind of rewards are there other than the accessories

Though you may have some different ideas on this new Gemerator in Treasure Hunter, this update is really worth playing as well as achieving the bonus and cosmetics in general. With enough RS 3 gold cheap on our site, you will get the rewards of Gemerator without doubt. Have a blast with the Gemerator!

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A huge fan of Burthorpe lore

6/1/2016 12:00 AM

As a huge fan of Burthorpe lore, I do acquisition this to be a bit troublesome.


I'm not abiding if they defined gender in chat, But if I anamnesis correctly, they said that "he" absolved with a limp, and such, so I went advanced and aggregate a account of Cheap RuneScape gold bodies who fit the description of accepting bedeviled with the apple guardian, and accepting a limp.


Obsessed with Apple Guardian





Walks with a limp:

*Captain Haskell?

*Any pirate

*That afflicted man from Lumby/Draynor tasks


In conclusion, I accept no abstraction who the this could be. I assumption we'll acquisition out...Our actual own stalker. Swell.


If my abstruse adherent could've been some alien raven-haired beauty, that would've been accomplished - but a awful guy with a limp?! Sure, it's not as admitting we get to accept who stalks us, but still...


Does this beggarly at some point we'll be accepting a stalker pet - a addict who has a bending and abundance acclaim aloft us, abundant like we accept if we alternation fishing while cutting the angle mask?


Hmmm...I anticipate this could able-bodied be the awkward man we adored during one of the Lumbridge/Draynor tasks. He did vanish afterwards accepting healed. He may accept retained his bending and confused to Burthorpe, area he got a job as a guard. All the action there with the trolls could accept accustomed Stalker Dude achievement that eventually we'd about-face up there to advice out, rs goldand a august alliance would be the result.


If Denulth doesn't yield affliction of this afflictive situation, I admiration how abundant abstinent orders will be affairs for on the Grand Exchange.

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This week in Old School we have a few highly anticipated updates. Maniacal monkey hunting and boss slayer heads are here! We've also got the addition of Kourend fruit stalls and botanical pies. Let's get into the details.

Maniacal Monkey Hunting

Turn into a monkey, hop on the back of a gorilla and start hunting. Maniacal monkey hunting is here!

Huntable maniacal monkeys can be found through a crevice in the northern side of Kruk's cavern underneath Ape Atoll. In order to access this crevice you must have completed Monkey Madness II and be wielding the most agile monkey's greegree.

Scattered about in this hunting area are a number of large rocks. They would be perfect for trapping maniacal monkeys, but you aren't quite strong enough to lift them yourself.

Fortunately for you, there are a few stunted demonic gorillas around the edges of the room. Hopping on the back of one of these creatures will allow you to use the large rocks, alongside a banana, to set a monkey trap.

Once you have placed your trap, you might need to wait a while for a hungry monkey to wander by. If your trap is successful and lands on its tail when it tries to snag the banana, you will receive either a damaged monkey tail or a monkey tail.

A damaged monkey tail can be used with a knife in order to create sinew and is very common when monkey hunting. A monkey tail, which is much, much rarer than the damaged monkey tail, can be used as one of the components to create either a heavy or light ballistae.

If you have lost your greegrees following Monkey Madness II, Zooknock will be able to return them to you at the Gnome Stronghold.

Monkey hunting is reasonably high experience, offering 1,000 Hunter experience for every monkey caught. If you're looking for a new, fun way to train Hunter and you're an experienced enough adventurer to have completed Monkey Madness II, monkey hunting might just be for you!

Boss head slayer helmets

If you're an avid killer of monsters you will be excited to find out that you can now unlock the ability to combine your boss heads with your slayer helm to create some great looking helmets.

It costs 1,000 slayer points to unlock the ability to create these slayer helms. Creating the slayer helms requires the boss head of your choice as well as a slayer helm.

If you get tired of your new slayer head look, you can simply disassemble the boss head slayer helm in order to get back both your slayer helm and your boss head.

Fruit stalls & botanical pie

Fruit stalls can now be found in the Hosidius area of Great Kourend. Thieving from these stalls requires level 25 Thieving and can reward you with a number of different fruity loots:






Strange fruit





Golovanova top

The golovanova top can be used to create the botanical pie. When each half of this new pie is eaten, 6 hitpoints are healed and Herblore is boosted by 4 levels.

Kourend POH portal

A player-owned house portal is now available in Great Kourend. Located in the Hosidius area, the portal requires level 25 Construction to relocate your house there and doing so has a cost of 8,750gp.

As with all other house portal locations, the Great Kourend portal can be accessed via redirected house tabs and standard house teleport tablets.

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Dear RS players, have you known the new and fun way to train Hunter skill in OSRS? Yes, it is Maniacal Monkey Hunting which releases on May 26. Using this effective method is really fast to level up your Hunter skill. However, in order to join in Monkey Hunting, you must complete the quest Monkey Madness II firstly. If you haven’t completed the quest, you can purchase Monkey Madness II Quest Helper on RSorder or buy cheap RS 3 gold for help. Then you can start the Maniacal Monkey Hunting in short time.

Tips for you to do Maniacal Monkey Hunting:

1. If you have finished MM2 and wielded the most agile monkey's greegree, you can enter the crevice in the northern side of Kruk's cavern underneath Ape Atoll. Huntable maniacal monkeys can be found through a crevice. 
2. Notice that there are plenty of large rocks scattering about in this hunting area. And you are unable to lift them yourself.
3. Around the edges of the room, you can see some stunted demonic gorillas. If you hop on the back of one gorilla, you are allowed to use the large rocks, alongside a banana, to set a trap for the hungry monkeys. 
4. Wait a while for a hungry monkey once you have placed your trap. When the monkey tries to snag the banana, you will have a chance to receive a damaged monkey tail or a monkey tail as a result.
5. Then you can use the damaged monkey tail to create sinew as well as use the damaged monkey tail to create either a heavy or light ballistae.
6. It’s time to achieve the rewards. You will receive 1,000 Hunter XP if you have caught one monkey.

Some suggestions for Maniacal Monkey Hunting:

For the sake of the amazing rewards, finishing MM2 is really necessary. Just read the guide ( to MM2 quest on RSorder to help you.
When you access to the crevice, what you should do firstly is hunting for the stunted demonic gorillas and hopping on its back.
Be more patient when you wait for a monkey. Therefore, you may succeed in catching a monkey as well as the appealing rewards.
Don’t worry if you have lost your greegrees because Zooknock can return them to you at the Gnome Stronghold.
Whenever you are in need of RS gold to assisting you in completing the task, just come to our site and place your order.

Definitely, Monkey Hunting is really beneficial for you to train Hunter skill. With high Hunter skill, you can hunt specific creatures to obtain amazing rewards, such as spotted kebbit fur and dragon impling jar. Remember that when you encounter some difficulties in game, come to our site to purchase RS 3 gold cheap to help you finish the quest MM2 and to catch more monkeys!

The RSorder Team

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The affair is, Runescape abracadabra potions actuality are actual acutely not drugs and don't accept any alternation to absolute apple drugs.


Drug: a anesthetic or added actuality which has a physiological aftereffect if ingested or RS Goldcontrarily alien to the body...


And I'd say the action acceptable furnishings of abounding potions is conspicuously agnate to steroids, an irl biologic (we accept abundant 'strength potions' for Pete's sake).


Edit: But let's say that this isn't abundant of a connection. The Binding of Isaac bold has abundant items called afterwards altered types of irl drugs and they abundantly action absolute furnishings in game. Do you absolutely anticipate that those items accept assertive some humans to alpha application drugs?


I'd say that potions accept as abundant alternation to irl drugs as the book depicted in the case does. And bigger yet, it in actuality encourages one to partake in their use, admitting the contest of the case are alone getting relayed to the player.


I'm not abiding (though I could be apprenticed on the matter) that steroids are something we about accept to anguish about kids taking. Nor am I assertive that these potions are in any way evocative of drugs above accident to addition your strength. Aren't steroids injected, in any case?


As for the case. If you don't anticipate Stephanie was drunk, again I accept this has no aftereffect on you. But we've already apparent a few posters on this cilia who *DO* accept to accept the abstraction that bashed humans can accord (a bashed getting *CANNOT* accurately accord to you-know-what, beneath the law).


This may not advice with that (though it's a bit of a continued attempt anyway, I can see area the OP is advancing from. It alone agitated me a little of Cheap RuneScape gold if I was accomplishing the case, but I apprenticed told myself that can't accept been what Jagex was aggravating to portray).

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Get your hands on the almighty Bonus Chests that have returned to Treasure Hunter – this time with either double or triple prizes. Also, open Treasure Hunter and claim your first Bonus Chest, containing 3 yellow prismatic lamps, for free!
This promotion will run from 00:00 UTC on 19th May until 23:59 UTC on 23rd May.
How does it work?
The idea is simple but powerful. Open chests with your keys as per usual. As you do so, you will be adding charge to a Bonus Chest. When a Bonus Chest has 5 charges, you will be able to see what is inside it. If you want its prize, open it by draining the charges. Alternatively, keep building charges until you find a Bonus Chest that you do want to open.
Remember – all rewards inside this promotion’s Bonus Chests will be either doubled or tripled.
Bonus Chests Gems
Please note – if you receive a “unique” item as a bonus chest prize it cannot be doubled or tripled, therefore its cash value will be given as the 2nd and/or 3rd prize(s).
To get you started, your first bonus chest will give you 3 yellow prismatic lamps for free, without requiring charges. Get the most out of this superb offer and enjoy!

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On May 11, Jagex showed us some possible content of Great Kourend in its Dev Blog, including the Catacombs of Kourend, Mine cart transportation, Woodcutting guild, etc. Among the changes, what do you think of Woodcutting guild? Should it be passed as a result and how can it be improved better? You must have your own answers. If you like this possible content in Great Kourend, remember to buy cheap RS 07 gold to wait for its release.


The level requirement to enter the woodcutting guild:


In this dev blog, Jagex announced that the Woodcutting guild would require 60 Woodcutting in order to gain entry. Definitely, Level 60 seems like a fair level to enter because the woodcutting guild seems to offer many benefits. “I think the level requirement to enter the woodcutting guild should be the same as the fishing guild (68) since they are both gathering skills with similar rates of XP”, a player reveals. Meanwhile, some of players agree with this idea. 
Maybe the entry level will be changed to higher if this Woodcutting guild passes. If your Woodcutting level is below 60, hurry up to increase it. However, it could be better to gain level 68 or higher.
Several items are available to boost your woodcutting, such as Spicy Stew and Mature Axeman’s Folly, and Lumberjack clothing. If you are eager for the boosting equipments, just to come to our site to gain cheap OSRS gold for help. Continuing cutting willow trees is also a wise method for you to reach high level. At the same time, when you train Woodcutting, the high level Cooking and Summoning skill will make the journey easier.


Buy Cheap 07 RS gold for the Redwood trees and Ents.


Definitely, Woodcutting guild is appreciated by many players. Redwood trees and Ents may be available soon. You can use the logs of Redwood trees to make pyre ships, burn shade corpses and train Firemaking. As for Ents, they are profitable creatures as they can be cut for noted logs once they have been killed.
Nevertheless, cutting the Redwood trees requires level 90 Woodcutting. And killing the Ents is not an easy task, either. Make sure you have stocked cheap 07 RS gold in your bank to assist you in overcoming the difficulties in Woodcutting guild. 
In the future, Redwood trees may give "splintered logs" as the normal logs with a 1/512. And there will be an uncommon (1/200) log from redwoods like an extra strong log that is suitable to be crafted into a bow.


Above are some ideas on Woodcutting guild in Great Kourend. Jagex will be polling the content in Friday, and make sure to vote in favor. If you have different views, show them on RSbuynow Facebook to discuss with other players. To be honest, Woodcutting guild is an excellent idea. You can make money in game. If you are lack of time, we are ready for offering cheap OSRS gold to you. Gathering RS 2007 gold for sale ahead is really necessary for you to play the new content as soon as it passes. Currently, please mark the time and join in RSbuynow 60% Off Sale at 03:00 a.m. GMT on May 16, 2016Just place your order and get your gold within 10 minutes. 


The RSbuynow Team



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If the DPS is good

5/9/2016 12:00 AM

All your abstraction will do is accomplish the "elitist" teams in Raid FC bang up their req...


Yeah, I had even advised that, as you assume to be focused too abundant on how I allegedly am egocentric for alms humans a service.


Let's say adapted now, that Raid FC teams crave at atomic 40 killcount. They will just bang their claim up to 60, as they will feel that you didn't apprentice appropriately from convenance mode,Buy RuneScape gold as humans will acceptable be beneath accomplished from just accomplishing convenance access due to beneath competent PvMers accomplishing convenance mode, about acceptation that they will apprehend you to still be accomplishing things such as healing, which a lot of teams don't do anymore, as it abundantly slows thhe annihilate down.


I didn't say it would fix aggregate completely, but it alleviates abundant of the accent currently. Adage you at atomic accept 20 would accord you a attempt at accepting into teams, at 0, you accept no adventitious except acquisitive for attentive body every few hours.


At 0 kc, you accept the befalling to anatomy a aggregation with added learners, as the humans who accept top KC now had to do kn release. Learners shouldn't apprehend to be agitated throughout a fight.


Then for a ages I did annihilation but Beastmaster because even if you can do a role at Yakamaru you still charge kc to get into teams.


I see a simple band-aid for you here.Just yield an easier role like amaze arctic catchbasin or bluff tag.


Most teams do bluff first, so you don't even actually accept to catchbasin for actual long, just deaths activity pre-mirage, adren pot, body to breeze shot, aback up to devotion, again accumulate DPSing until the basin is dead. If the DPS is a bit low, use reflect afterwards your adherence runs out (possibly attenuate too) and if the DPS is good, adherence afore breeze shot.


Stun arctic tanking is aswell appealing straightforward, you just tag the pool, devotion, adren pot, again onslaught.

-- Mon May 09 00:00:00 CST 2016



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Monkey Madness II has released on May 6, 2016. As a RS fan, have you reached the Quest Requirement and started to overcome the grandmaster quest in OSRS? In order to complete the quest and get the excellent rewards, buying cheap RS 07 gold on RSorder is really helpful for you. You can always purchase OSRS gold at lower price on our site. Now we will show some efficient methods for you to win the rewards of MM2.


How can you start Monkey Madness 2 with 07 RS gold?


Firstly, you need to have all of the skills and quests required in MM2. You also need 1x normal Logs and it is recommended (but not needed) to have 1x Magic logs. Then speak to King Narnode Shareen in the Grand Tree to start the quest. When the quest has been started, the next step is to head over to close house which is southeast. 
When you have talked to Auguste in Entrana, bring a Ring of dueling or one Magic log with you. Then you can reach Gnome Stronghold via balloon. If you don’t have the items or you are in lower Woodcutting level, you can buy cheap Ook Runescape gold on our site to help you gain them quickly.


What items should you have when you in Ape Atoll?


The island is one of the most dangerous places in RuneScape, especially to inexperienced players. It is loaded with giant crushing gorillas, assassin monkey archers, poisonous snakes and spiders, etc. When you step into this area, make sure to have food, anti-poisons and an emergency teleport when going through the island and be prepared to use protection prayers.


RSorder gives you a possible way to find and kill Kruk.


In order to finish this task, you should have a pickaxe, lots of high level food, prayer potions, high level protection gear and weapon, etc. 
Head out on the hill west near the monkey gate and talk to a Monkey Archer there. Head north of the Monkey Archer and look for some tracks/footprints, and follow them until you find a hidden trapdoor near a tree. 
Then you can walk across the whole dungeon by walking south and around the dungeon. Once you reach the end of the dungeon, you can investigate for a shortcut back to Kruk's lair via a wall. Turn a protection prayer on and kill Kruk.


There are some suggestions for you to deal with MM2.


1. Make sure you have enough rs 07 gold in your inventory. The quest is difficult for many players, so you will need OSRS gold to buy some items, such as useful potions, food, weapon, gear, hammer and chisel.
2. Try your best not to be caught by guards, or you will lose the explosives out of the satchels and need to refill them.
3. You need to have high level skill in advance. High level Magic, Woodcutting, Ranged, Attack, Prayer, Damage and Slayer are all needed in Monkey Madness 2.


Are you thrilled and excited about MM2? Log in and start the quest. Remember to gather RS 2007 gold cheap on our site to benefit most from this challengeable task. Meanwhile, the rewards and the quest will be available on RSorder later. Then you can purchase Ballistae and Zenyte Jewellery in 2007 RS Items and get the quest Monkey Madness 2 in 2007 Quest Helper. Just visit our site regularly to gain them. Have fun!


The RSorder Team


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