Dear RS players, have you known the new and fun way to train Hunter skill in OSRS? Yes, it is Maniacal Monkey Hunting which releases on May 26. Using this effective method is really fast to level up your Hunter skill. However, in order to join in Monkey Hunting, you must complete the quest Monkey Madness II firstly. If you haven’t completed the quest, you can purchase Monkey Madness II Quest Helper on RSorder or buy cheap RS 3 gold for help. Then you can start the Maniacal Monkey Hunting in short time.

Tips for you to do Maniacal Monkey Hunting:

1. If you have finished MM2 and wielded the most agile monkey's greegree, you can enter the crevice in the northern side of Kruk's cavern underneath Ape Atoll. Huntable maniacal monkeys can be found through a crevice. 
2. Notice that there are plenty of large rocks scattering about in this hunting area. And you are unable to lift them yourself.
3. Around the edges of the room, you can see some stunted demonic gorillas. If you hop on the back of one gorilla, you are allowed to use the large rocks, alongside a banana, to set a trap for the hungry monkeys. 
4. Wait a while for a hungry monkey once you have placed your trap. When the monkey tries to snag the banana, you will have a chance to receive a damaged monkey tail or a monkey tail as a result.
5. Then you can use the damaged monkey tail to create sinew as well as use the damaged monkey tail to create either a heavy or light ballistae.
6. It’s time to achieve the rewards. You will receive 1,000 Hunter XP if you have caught one monkey.

Some suggestions for Maniacal Monkey Hunting:

For the sake of the amazing rewards, finishing MM2 is really necessary. Just read the guide ( to MM2 quest on RSorder to help you.
When you access to the crevice, what you should do firstly is hunting for the stunted demonic gorillas and hopping on its back.
Be more patient when you wait for a monkey. Therefore, you may succeed in catching a monkey as well as the appealing rewards.
Don’t worry if you have lost your greegrees because Zooknock can return them to you at the Gnome Stronghold.
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Definitely, Monkey Hunting is really beneficial for you to train Hunter skill. With high Hunter skill, you can hunt specific creatures to obtain amazing rewards, such as spotted kebbit fur and dragon impling jar. Remember that when you encounter some difficulties in game, come to our site to purchase RS 3 gold cheap to help you finish the quest MM2 and to catch more monkeys!

The RSorder Team