On May 11, Jagex showed us some possible content of Great Kourend in its Dev Blog, including the Catacombs of Kourend, Mine cart transportation, Woodcutting guild, etc. Among the changes, what do you think of Woodcutting guild? Should it be passed as a result and how can it be improved better? You must have your own answers. If you like this possible content in Great Kourend, remember to buy cheap RS 07 gold to wait for its release.


The level requirement to enter the woodcutting guild:


In this dev blog, Jagex announced that the Woodcutting guild would require 60 Woodcutting in order to gain entry. Definitely, Level 60 seems like a fair level to enter because the woodcutting guild seems to offer many benefits. “I think the level requirement to enter the woodcutting guild should be the same as the fishing guild (68) since they are both gathering skills with similar rates of XP”, a player reveals. Meanwhile, some of players agree with this idea. 
Maybe the entry level will be changed to higher if this Woodcutting guild passes. If your Woodcutting level is below 60, hurry up to increase it. However, it could be better to gain level 68 or higher.
Several items are available to boost your woodcutting, such as Spicy Stew and Mature Axeman’s Folly, and Lumberjack clothing. If you are eager for the boosting equipments, just to come to our site to gain cheap OSRS gold for help. Continuing cutting willow trees is also a wise method for you to reach high level. At the same time, when you train Woodcutting, the high level Cooking and Summoning skill will make the journey easier.


Buy Cheap 07 RS gold for the Redwood trees and Ents.


Definitely, Woodcutting guild is appreciated by many players. Redwood trees and Ents may be available soon. You can use the logs of Redwood trees to make pyre ships, burn shade corpses and train Firemaking. As for Ents, they are profitable creatures as they can be cut for noted logs once they have been killed.
Nevertheless, cutting the Redwood trees requires level 90 Woodcutting. And killing the Ents is not an easy task, either. Make sure you have stocked cheap 07 RS gold in your bank to assist you in overcoming the difficulties in Woodcutting guild. 
In the future, Redwood trees may give "splintered logs" as the normal logs with a 1/512. And there will be an uncommon (1/200) log from redwoods like an extra strong log that is suitable to be crafted into a bow.


Above are some ideas on Woodcutting guild in Great Kourend. Jagex will be polling the content in Friday, and make sure to vote in favor. If you have different views, show them on RSbuynow Facebook to discuss with other players. To be honest, Woodcutting guild is an excellent idea. You can make money in game. If you are lack of time, we are ready for offering cheap OSRS gold to you. Gathering RS 2007 gold for sale ahead is really necessary for you to play the new content as soon as it passes. Currently, please mark the time and join in RSbuynow 60% Off Sale at 03:00 a.m. GMT on May 16, 2016Just place your order and get your gold within 10 minutes. 


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